Consequences of HIV Pandemic

HIV pandemic in South Africa has diverse consequences ranging from political, social as well as economic. These consequences have to a larger extent affected economic growth and development of South Africa as a country. HIV/AIDS pandemic has added additional pressure on health sector, considering the fact that the epidemics has matured ,the demand for care for those living with HIV/AIDS has arisen, leading to strain on health workers. Consequences of HIV Pandemic.

Due to increase in the prevalence of HIV in South Africa, there has been a lot of strain on hospital facilities .In Sub-Saharan Africa; people with HIV occupy more than half of the hospital beds (Magkoba 22). In South Africa, the government funded research findings suggested that HIV affected patients stay in hospital beds four times longer than the other patients. These shortages in hospital beds have resulted to people being admitted in later stages of their illness thus reducing the chances of recovery. Consequences of HIV Pandemic.

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In equality, mobility, and violence are partial legacies of centuries of racial segregation and colonial exploitation, culminating in the institution of apartheid, especially in the second half of the 20th century. Thus, the political economy of Aids have fallen short, examination of social issues does not preclude an understanding of politics of aids. Consequences of HIV Pandemic.

In conclusion, the future impacts of HIV /AIDS  on the economy of south Africa is that there is a likely hood of  the country experiencing future social, cultural, political and economic strain unless strict government intervention in matters of effective medical policies to reduce the spread of infection as well as reducing strain in economic resource (Banks 7). Consequences of HIV Pandemic.

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