The Roman Empire

After the ancient Roman civilization, there was the Roman Empire which was a period characterized by a tyrannical form of government as well as large territorial holdings around the Mediterranean and Europe. Before the empire, there was the 500- year- old Roman Republic which had been weakened and undermined as a result of civil wars. The transition from the Republic to Empire can be marked by a number of proposed events.

These events include the appointment of Julius Caesar as uninterrupted dictator on 44 BC and the Battle of Actium of 31 BC. It should be noted that the expansion of the empire was contributed to by the republic, but it reached its greatest length during the reign of Emperor Trajan (98 to 117 AD) where the empire controlled about 6.5 million square kilometers of land surface.

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Currently, the economic conditions in the United States are not as strong as they used to be because of increased global financial crisis and competition from emerging economies like China. This can be seen as a decline to the country’s economic super power.

Before it could decline, the Roman Empire had attained military might and superiority because of conquering many neighboring states. During its fall, historians have indicated that, the empire used its military unnecessary to fight other communities in order to gain popularity. The same case is happening in the United States where it is using its military might and superiority to fight other countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, and most recently the war that was anticipated to erupt between USA and Iran. This shows that if countries in the Middle East can gang against the US it could decline in terms of political, military, social, and economic power.