The Employees of Public Utilities

Part 1 – The Employees of Public Utilities

Yes, the employees of public utilities have special responsibility to protect the public interest. The public has a great stake in public utilities.  Public utilities as the name suggest are public property. They are funded by the public money. The proceeds of public utilities whether loss or profit are again shared by the public. They major rationale of the public utilities is to protect the public interest especially in sectors that require huge investment and are very crucial in the overall functioning of the economy. It is believed that if these sectors were to be left in private hands, individual investors would exploit the public to an extent that living standards will be greatly affected. 

The employees in this organization have direct responsibility to protect the public interest. After all they are employer are the members of the public. An employee should go to great length to protect the interest of the employer.

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The Employees of Public Utilities

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