Sociological Perspectives

Introduction – Sociological Perspectives

A closer look at the religious world in the United States today depicts a major diversity in the religious inclination and practices (Kosmin & Keysar, 2009). For instance; there is a diversity in religious membership in the US with the catholic and the Baptist religious groups commanding different percentages of followers in the US. However, a large group of the US population doesn’t identify with either of these groups. This leaves large gap between the religious and the non religious people in US (Kosmin & Keysar, 2009). Religion unplugged is a religious movie trying to give an elaboration about the decline of religious identity among Americans. This movie gives a logical view of the various expressions and beliefs in the major religious groups in the world today and particularly in the United States of America (Swanson, 2011). Sociological Perspectives.

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There is also a conflict between the already established churches and the upcoming ones all trying to outmuscle each other in terms of followers. In addition, there are different sets of conflicts in the movie “Religion unplugged”. Sociological Perspectives.

The first form of conflict is between the religious and the non religious groups. This is as a result of such practices as spiritualization of secular practices by the outside world threatening to water down the religious faith.The second warfront or form of conflict in the movie is between spirituality and fanaticism within distinct religious groups in the world today. Sociological Perspectives.

For instance, such issues as abortion and homosexuality are threatening to tear the religious world apart since some groups uphold such practices whereas others such as the Catholic Church out rightly condemn the same practices. This is also serving as a source of conflict between the church and the outside world where social groups are being formed to defend such issues as gay rights which are in turn seen as going against religious teachings. In simple terms, there is a major conflict between the traditionally structured religious groups and the newly formed groups in both the religious and the social world. Sociological Perspectives.


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