Psychosocial health /Joe

Coming from the effects of economic crisis, Americans are bound to experience psychosocial problem. The economic crisis which saw the unemployment record an all time high rate, decline in labor wages, loss of jobs, decline in family income and a deterioration of the standard of living has left most Americans battered. It is true that the unstable economy will have or already have had numerous adversarial effects, but what has been largely ignored, as the essay correctly observes, is how it will affect Americans psychosocial health. Psychosocial health /Joe.

Psychosocial health encompasses the mental, emotional, social, and spiritual dimensions of health. As the essay notes, times of difficulties like the economic hardships the American are experiencing, drains our energy, saps our emotions, and break the spirit. Psychosocial health /Joe. This is the opposite of the joyful moments which uplifts our self esteem, and brings to our attentions the limitless of our capabilities.

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There is a psychological explanation as to how difficulties in life lead to psychosocial problem, which in causes stress. Psychosocial health /Joe. In times of difficulties, sympathetic nervous system activity increases as well as the rate of hormones release such as cortisol, adrenaline and other stress related hormones. This is the situation that most Americans are experiencing due to lack of employment opportunities, job loss, and decline in family income. Psychosocial health /Joe.

The essay could have been more helpful it summed the argument with available solutions. Psychosocial health /Joe. Besides addressing the underlying economic factors as well as inequality gap, there are available psychiatry treatments to people suffering from psychosocial health disorders. Available treatments include Cognitive therapy, interpersonal therapy, and prescription of antidepressant drugs. Nonetheless, the essay managed to raise an important concern for the American health. Psychosocial health /Joe.


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