Pluralism and Mission

In a pluralistic world, are missions still a valid function of
– Pluralism and Mission

This question is indeed, critical. It is correct to ague that the world has been a pluralistic one but the forces of globalization have come with new challenges of mission. But should Christians slavishly follow whatever changes that take place in human community? Doesn’t Christianity has its own judgment based on its interpretation of the bible, dogmas, traditions, ecclesiastical practices, doctrines and so on? To better answer the questions, it is imperative to understand the two concepts: pluralism and mission.

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To Angela, pluralism is an attitude of accepting difference and diversity across ‘across a very broad range of value and practices in different cultures across diverse communities” (7). Pluralism and Mission.

Now this brings me to the question of the validity of mission in pluralistic world. The pluralism does not invalidate the work of missions it has only expounded the work of Christians as witnesses of Jesus Christ. Besides the preaching of the gospel of Jesus, missionaries must now begin to address human sin in the structural complexities of our world. They must start ministering to the socially disadvantaged and marginalized societies in their contexts. Missionaries are not so inflexible not to accommodate the cultural diversity. In fact the diversity of cultures has been there since the birth of Christianity. Pluralism and Mission.

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