Interview a Manager

Interview a Manager

An Interview with USFHP Systems Configuration Manager, Cozette Elliot

Cozette Elliot is the system configuration manager of the US Family Health Plan at Johns Hopkins Medicine. She has a college degree and masters in Computer Information System. She has worked with the USFHP for 16 years and has a six years experience in computer information system. This is face to face interview.

As a system configuration manger, what are the challenges you face in managing personnel and assigning task and how do you overcome them.

There are several challenges that I face in my role as a manager. One of these is shortage of staff. In my department there are only 2 employees whom I have to allocate the many duties involved with that department. The main challenge in this case is to prioritize assignments with this limited staff. To get the urgent job done I have to assign the task to the most qualified employee in that task. Other challenges include different personalities, keeping employee engaged and delegating assignments. Interview a Manager.

Pay to Unlock the Answer!

I would also like to see USFHP develop strategies for training and development in leadership roles. Interview a Manager.

As an employee, what are the secrets of climbing up the ladder, may be to you level of manger

(Exuding confidence) One secret is to be hard working. As employees you have to be hard working if you want to secure promotion in your firm. He or she has also to attend different training to develop the necessary skills for the job and also develop interpersonal skill with both colleagues and management. Interview a Manager.

Lastly, what are your long term career goals?

Well, I would like to one day work in a directly Computer Information Systems related field since this is my area of expertise.