Disease Warriors

I. “Disease Warriors” and Epidemiology – Disease Warriors

1. Summarize the documentary “Disease Warriors.” Give a full description of the coverage of the documentary, and state briefly the “take-away” message it

The documentary, “Rx for Survival: Disease Warriors” documents the significant strides that the world has made towards improved public health over the past 150 years. Due to improved health, humans are able to live longer, healthier and more productive. The documentary notes that access to clean drinking water, good nutrition and modern sanitation coupled with discovery of highly effective vaccines and antibiotics have increased the average western life expectancy by an amazing 35 years. Disease Warriors.

Unfortunately these benefits are yet to be shared by the massive poor nations in the developing world.  Worse still, the documentary warns that in the past two decades, diseases such as tuberculosis that had nearly been conquered have recorded a come back. Public health has again been thrown to jeopardy by the emergence of more deadly diseases such as SARS, AIDS and West Nile Virus. Disease Warriors. The health condition is not any better with the increased microbial resistance to many modern drugs, eroding the gains towards improved public health. Series 1, 2, 3, 4 of the documentary examines the causes of sickness, ingredients of a healthier life, and what is required to boast public health.

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HIV/AIDS remain one of the greatest challenges to public health all over the world, more so in sub-Saharan Africa. If not checked, the rate of infection in sub-Saharan Africa may spill out of control. The reemergence of once subdued disease also pose a threat to world population. On the other hand, the world health infrastructure is not adequately prepared to an epidemic. A pandemic today could result in a significant number of deaths both in developing countries as well as in developed countries. Spread of certain diseases such as avian flu and Western Nile Virus should send an early warning and invite preparations.


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