Criminals And Victims Have Their Rights

Do Criminals have too many Rights, while Victims Rights are ignored?

Criminals And Victims Have Their Rights. In criminal justice system, both criminals and victims have their rights. In this case, accused convicts are considered innocent until they are proven guilty by the system. A criminal is a person who intentionally or unwillingly commits acts or behaviors that are against the law of a particular country (Davis 12). On the other hand, a victim is a person who has been wronged by the criminal by being harmed either psychologically, mentally, materially, or physically. Criminals And Victims Have Their Rights.

Both of these parties have their rights of expression and it is believed by some people that criminals, especially the accused criminals have too many rights while the rights of the victims are ignored.

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During this time, they exercise as number of rights ranging from the right to be informed on the court proceedings to the rights of expression (Cole & Smith 128). Criminals are accorded rights to free speech where they are free to ask questions during the court proceedings. Criminals And Victims Have Their Rights.

In summation, the arguments that victims’ have more rights than criminals outweigh those against it. Victims have done nothing wrong and should not be deprived their rights. They are allowed to know what the court proceedings are as they are in the process of seeking justice. On the other hand, if criminals are accorded more rights it would seem that justice is not exercised and criminals would be encouraged to commit crimes. The fact that criminals have committed crimes, they are considered social outcasts. Criminals And Victims Have Their Rights.

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