“Close to the Bone” and “The Western Women’s Harem”

“Close to the Bone” and “The Western Women’s Harem”. Since time in memorial, there has been a question of body size and different perceptions by the American society on fashions and dress codes in America, French and even the developing countries such as Morocco. From the historical contexts, diverse views on body size have seemed to give greater contributions to individual self esteem. This is manifested and elaborated in the two different essays. The articles by Seid Too “Close to the Bone” and Mernissi’s “The Western Women’s Harem.” have provided extensive ideas concerning the issues revolving in the human society are addressed. “Close to the Bone” and “The Western Women’s Harem”.

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“Close to the Bone” and “The Western Women’s Harem”

From careful analysis of the two essays, there is a lot of relationship in regards to westernization, culture and religion. On the other hand a big difference exists between the two essays in areas of gender mainstreaming. This is carefully elaborated by gender disorders in the view of men and gender roles. In conclusion, the two essays have manifested America as a continent characterized by stylishness and fashion is central to beauty. “Close to the Bone” and “The Western Women’s Harem”.

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