Taking Sides

Taking Sides “Was the Mexican War an exercise in American Imperialism?”

Introduction – Taking Sides

The book, “Taking Sides” is one of the most fascinating books worth reading. The book has been very efficient in presenting real issues affecting the contemporary society, whereby an historical perspective has been presented. The author has been keen in focusing on the historical issues affecting the American and Mexican society. This has been clearly demonstrated by the interactions of the various characters in the book. The relationship between the Hispanic and the Americans as well as that of the Mexican and the Americans has been presented. This is clearly depicted in all scenes in the book, whereby a state of suspicion is clearly demonstrated by the non Americans.

The ill Hispanic-American relationship is adequately demonstrated by the author across the text. Based on this scenario, issue of American imperialism and dominance over other nations is illustrated.

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Despite the many issues addressed in the book, “Taking Sides”, the issue of American imperialism in the Mexican war has been the most outstanding. The book has provided the opposing viewpoints concerning the war. It has however come clearly that the Mexican war was just but an exercise of American imperialism. Analysis of all scenarios contributing to the war has clearly demonstrated the issue of racist attitudes and malice among the Americans. The need to acquire Mexican land was the main cause of the war, thus justifying the propagation of American imperialism.

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