Solving Conflicts Through Negotiation

Solving Conflicts Through Negotiation. I am a worker in Hawks Parcel Delivery services located in New York City where we deal with delivery services of light parcels and mails. We have been in operation for the last two years and as a member of the management team and the manager, I have been handling many issues within the working teams since we have to cooperate to ensure smooth running of activities. Solving Conflicts Through Negotiation.

Record keeping is one of the important activities that we ensure since the since this will helps us to win the clients confidence and trust over the other delivery companies. Our secretary Cate and the treasurer Mark play the import role in the recording of parcels details and the issuance of parcels to the delivery riders. When a client handles in a parcel for delivery Cate records down the details of delivery and then payment is made through the treasurer when the client agrees to the terms and conditions. Solving Conflicts Through Negotiation.  

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In conclusion though my method was successful I handling the tag of war between Cate and Mark, I realized that using the McGrath (2014) arguments and methods of solving the conflict was the best way. However, bearing in mind that according to Sager (2013) human conflicts are supposed to be solved best with negotiation but it could have been better to give each of the member a chance to bring out their negotiation terms and then try to equalize them. Solving Conflicts Through Negotiation. According to Zartman (2008), it could have been better to use more of the theories of negotiation which are in line with the conflict being solved so as to have the best outcomes.   


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