Organizations and the media function – Unit 4 Assignment function

Organizations and the media function

Organizations and the media function. In the current era of information and communication, advertising has never been that important. The centrality of marketing and advertising department, whether internal or outsourced cannot be gainsaid. In a cut throat competition era where the image of an organization and it products decides the fate of a company it becomes important for consumers to be informed and knowledgeable (MacRury, 2009). Media works as the platform to exchange knowledge, information and makes consumers of all about of the market. Organizations and the media function.

The media acts as the mediator, transformer and an information support system to publicize, sift and collect feedback about all events hence spreading awareness and hence making things happen.

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Organizations and the media function

Advertising budgeting falls into two broad methods: Subjective and objective methods (MacRury, 2009).  In subjective method, budgeting process is guided by some arbitrary rules of thumb rather than by clearly defined tasks that the advertising is expected to help the company achieve. Such rules are like, “our competitor is advertising and so we should advertise”. The objective method of budgeting, also known as task method, emphasize on establishing objectives for a market, a product line or a company. It encourages the logical use of systematic procedures for budgeting which creates an information feedback ring for continuous measurement and course correction. The bottom line of this method is the desired outcome. Organizations and the media function.


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