My Daughter Will Attend public school

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My Daughter Will Attend public school. If I was to fall for the negative publicity given to the public schools, my daughter would have been a direct candidate for private schools. But after analyzing the underlying public schools benefit, I have resolved to take my daughter to public schools. There has been negative publicity to the effect that public schools are rotten, with no substance to offer to our kids.

Fortunately, I am not the kind of person who puts into practice undigested information. After carrying out an extensive research, networking and analysing critically the benefits of public schools and  those of private schools I have no doubt that the former is better placed to offer the kind of education I desire for my daughter. This is not to mean that they are perfect, but compared to private schools they are far much superior. My Daughter Will Attend public school.

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My Daughter Will Attend public school

Although those who oppose public schools claim that they are not free after all, they are generally free. The quality of education offered in private schools does not match the exorbitant price they charge. However the advantages in public schools do not mean that a parent should a school blindly. When choosing the public school to enrol my daughter in, I have to conduct in a preliminary research since some public schools are better equipped and well staffed than others. May be the history and the current profile of he school should be more guiding factors. With the right public school, a parent will never regret the choice.