Causes and Effects of Divorce

Causes and Effects of Divorce. Over the recent decades, divorce rate has been increasing consistently. Statistics have indicated that, about 40% of marriages have broken down as a result of divorce (Emery 17). This situation has been facilitated by the changing of the marriage legislation, making the conditions more lenient for couples to separate through divorce. Various factors have been associated with the increasing rate of divorce among couples, and the subsequent effects of divorce in the society. This paper will present the ultimate causes-effect analysis of divorce in the society. Causes and Effects of Divorce.

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In this regard, divorce is considered having multi-dimensional effects to the entire family. Causes and Effects of Divorce.

Causes and Effects of Divorce

In conclusion, this paper has identified various causes of divorce which includes money-related conflicts, alcohol and substance abuse, lack of communication and sexual problems. The ultimate effects associated with divorce as identified in this paper are negative psychological impacts on children, aggressiveness among the children, lack of respect from the society and burdening of the single parents who are with the children. As a result, divorce can be considered as having adverse effects both to the children and the parents. Causes and Effects of Divorce.

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