The Fate of Muslim Women – Peer Review

The Fate of Muslim Women – Peer Review. The writer has clearly indicated and explained the thesis stating that the fate of Muslim woman should be considered on the basis of rewards and challenges she faces in her daily life, domestic responsibility, childbearing, and industry. This thesis is a clear indication of experiences of Muslim women and how they are viewed by Westerners. In this case, the thesis is discussible where positive and negative points can be raised to support or oppose it respectively. The Fate of Muslim Women – Peer Review.

The writer in supporting the thesis statement has used information and references from different sources to make the work authentic.

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In this case, the writer refers to the work of other people who have studied the same topic and by integrating their ideas come up with logic arguments. The Fate of Muslim Women – Peer Review. A good example is where the writer indicates that Muslim Women are comparable to pressure and competition of western sports. This is because these women are introduced to marriage life at very tender age in order to be easily trained by their mothers in law. The citations and work cited page are accurately indicated. The citations reflect MLA citation provisions and the work cited page is well presented. The Fate of Muslim Women – Peer Review.

In order to improve the essay there are few suggestions:

  1. The writer should provide more references to show that comprehensive research was conducted.
  2. The writer should show his or her stand in the arguments.
  3. Long quotes should be avoided.