The Concept of Chain Gangs in Prisons

Introduction – The Concept of Chain Gangs in Prisons

The concept of chain gangs in the management of prisons and prisoners has attracted hot debate from different groups. The issue has attracted opposing view points, whereby many people have been in its support, while others have shown strong opposition on the move. Basically, chain gangs refers to a group of prisoners chained together so as to perform physically or menial challenging work.

The kind of work undertaken by the prisoners may include timber collecting, chipping stone, building roads and digging ditches among other physically challenging jobs. This is an old prison management system which was introduced in the US in the 1950s. Despite its use and abandonment in many states in the US, its revival in the prison service has been evident in recent days. The introduction of this prison management system has welcomed hot debate among conservatives, liberals, and human rights groups among other groups.

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Based on the debate and discussion on the use of china gangs, it has been evident that different groups have opposing views concerning its adoption. Proponents of the strategy have demonstrated authentic insights concerning the use of chain gangs. In this case, it should be noted that it is an efficient strategy of prison management as well as punishment to criminals. The expenses of prisons are cut short as well as the idleness of prisons. This helps in effectively modeling the prisons and shunning away crime. The opponents of the debate have not provided authentic and convincing opinions thus calling for the need to adopt the chain gangs in prison management.


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