Sects and Cults

Q1 – Sects and Cults

Sects and Cults. Sects stems from the apocalyptic wing of reformation. Christians had to separate from the world. There was nothing would stop Christians from their pilgrim way to New Jerusalem. They were separating and not reforming from the false Babel church that had existed fro centuries. The true church was the assembly of saints who were baptized after professing their new faith. From then on, a sect came to be defined as a small religious group that is a separates from an established religion or denomination. In most cases a sect hold most common beliefs with the mother religion but has distinctive concepts that differ from the original religion (Johnstone, 2006).

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Q5 – Sects and Cults

A sect is normally a breakaway group from a dominant religion or from a social community with distinct custom identity within that group while a cult is often a movement of devotion, customs and rituals not generally acceptable in a community or religion. Most of cult are normally a religious group while it is not necessarily a sect be founded on religious bases (Johnstone, 2006). A sect can be non-religious like one expressing different political feeling or portraying a certain lifestyle. A sect can as well graduate into a cult if it meets all the conditions of a cult.


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