Pizza Hut

From a humble beginning, pizza hut has grown to become a powerhouse in the United States as well as in the international business market. The business that began with a small restaurant in Wichita, Kansas and with a capital of as little as $600, and under the management of two enterprising college students, Frank and Dan Carney, is arguably the world largest pizza franchise.

According to Pizza Hut website, today the business serves “over a million pizzas a day in more than 12, 689 restaurants in 88 countries” making it the world No.1 pizza brand in the world. Bearing in mind that food industry is a highly competitive, it is clear that pizza hut has been immensely successful.

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Pizza Hut ensures that all of its employees are well trained in communication skills and handling of customers. It managers are equipped with management and strategic skills. Training and development has enabled the Pizza Hut stay ahead of the pack and maintain good services. In addition, every proprietor who wishes for a franchise must go through an induction that may go up to one month.

Overall, the factors that have read to Pizza Hut success can be summed to quality products, creative marketing strategy and innovation that are geared towards consumer satisfaction. Most of the Pizzas hut franchises has successfully adopted these strategies. Over the years, the business has managed to successfully build a strong brand that endures into the heart of customers. However, the success story of Pizza Hut has not been without challenges. Today the franchise faces stiff competition form other food companies as robbery directed at its delivery program.

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