Notes from the Occupy Apocalypse : Thank You, Anarchy

Notes from the Occupy Apocalypse : Thank You, Anarchy. Nathan Schneider is a journalist and a writer who gives an insightful history of legacy of Occupy Wall Street in the book of “Thank You, Anarchy” where the book’s excellence satisfies the leaders through an authenticated voice which brings reflections, “there is memory I have of being a little kid…” (23)  There are two instances which are captivating and interesting which draws the attentions of the leaders and makes them yean to lead further the book.  Notes from the Occupy Apocalypse.

The part one consists of chronicles of foundational stage of movement where Mr. Schneider uses a serene atmosphere to introduce democracy where the historical events of 17th Sept, 2011 and the days that followed after “…. a fuss at the centre of their country’s concentrated wealth and reckless corruption?” (25) This were the moment crowd had gathered on the Wall Street and their were demanding democracy as Schneider notes one of the demonstrators Jason Ahmadi comments concerning the politicians who cannot change a light bulb no matter how much many will gather.

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Gerbaudo makes the reader to feel the balance of the book through the sharp journalistic approach and collective knowledge which adds to the feel of participation in the assemblies and occupations.  These have been accompanied by the feeling of joy and frustrations experienced by the movement during the gatherings on the Wall Street. Gerbaudo tries to bring the reader to a moment similar to 1960 phrase of the “America Best and Brightest”, which was formulated by a generation of intellectuals’ activists who aimed at reinventing the American radical tradition. Notes from the Occupy Apocalypse.

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