Legalize Marijuana

Introduction – Legalize Marijuana

The issue of drug use in the human society has been a topic of great controversy from various groups. In particular marijuana or cannabis has been the drug of great controversy in many nations. In this case, there has been opposing view points on whether to legalize or continue the ban on the substance. The debate on whether to legalize it has remained in the public domain for years now. Basically, the consumption, possession, use, transfer, cultivation or trade of cannabis is illegal in many countries. Legalize Marijuana.

Following the high spread of marijuana in many nations in the 20th and 21st century, the substance has remained illegal.

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Another severe impact of the legalization of marijuana is the increase of accidents. As observed by Marshall (45) marijuana legalization will increase drug-impaired driving. This is a severe health risk in the sense that it will contribute to accidents thus inflicting deaths and injuries.


In summation, the legalization of marijuana should be undertaken. Based on the discussion and analysis of marijuana consumption, it has been evident that there are no severe effects of the substance. It is worth noting that there are more harmful substances, like alcohol and tobacco and the war on drugs should not be executed discriminately. It has been noted that marijuana does not cause health risks or brain damage as it is alleged by different agencies, politicians or prohibitionists. The legalization of the drug will be of great economic boost to the government in terms of taxes thus calling for its legalization.

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