Employee Management

Motivating employees in any organization – Employee Management

         Any organization should work on employing qualified employees and through motivating them, working becomes easier, environments becomes conducive and relationship with the workers improves. Such an organization becomes defined by their continual productivity improvements, widespread innovation and ability to adapt to the changing business environments. Business is becoming too much competitive in the current society and for any organization to succeed it does not have to employ new human resources but to motivated the workers. There are various ways of motivating the employees and this is the key to success of such organization. Employee Management.

 The human resource manager needs to create conducive working environment. Most of the organization employees spend most of their times working in the office with loads of unaccomplished tasks.

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It is important for the management to know the background of the employees and its status since some of workers family relations affects their productivity in work. Employees’ interest and aspirations concerning the organizations should be known during such organized dinners. However it is important for the human resource manager to maintain a gap in creating relationship with employees to avoid being to personal and intimate as it might affect the productivity of workers.   

 In conclusion, not all the methods of motivation will work all together in any given organizations. It is important for the management to select on the best and most appropriate methods that will help to improve the motivation of workers. However, some of the methods work together with others hence it’s better to implement the two methods together.