Corrections Administration and Management

Introduction – Corrections Administration and Management

The administration and management of correctional facilities has risen to be an issue of great concern in recent days. Following the need to maintain law and order, every society across the globe has been obligated with taking management of those with deviant behaviors. This is undertaken for the purposes of punishment as well as correction of the victims. Despite the growth of civilization, education and religion in the human society, issues of violating the law have not been overcome. This phenomenon is evident in both developed and developing nations, whereby the number of criminals is constantly increasing. Corrections Administration and Management.

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With regards to the analysis of Men’s Central Jail, it is apparent to note that the jail has managed to ensure admirable management. Being among the largest jail facility, MCJ has been in the forefront in ensuring efficiency in its operations. There is smooth coordination of operations from the Sherriff’s department which is above the jail. This helps in provision of logistical support needed in running the facility.

The issue of security and health of the inmates has been prioritized in the organization. On the other hand, the jail has done great efforts in streamlining discipline of the officers, thus limiting cases of brutality and excessive use of force. The issue of health care has also been given optimum consideration in the jail, thus ensuring that inmates are offered the best. With this in mind, cases of unnecessary deaths have been countered. It should however been noted that a lot needs to be done so as to enhance the efficiency of the facility. In this case proper management of inmates will mental complications should be adopted as well as provision of adequate recreational facilities.


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