Shrek 2

Shrek 2 is a 2004 computer-animated comedy movie created by DreamWorks Animation, America. The film is part of the series Shrek films whose directors are Andrew Adamson, and Kelly Asbury and Conrad Vernon, which featured Shrek and Fiona. In Shrek 2, unlike other traditional fairy tales, the heroine is Princes Fiona who behaves strangely throughout the film. In this film, anachronism, inter-textual references and inversion of stereotypes is explicit throughout the scenes. In the creation of the film, various genres including comedy, fiction, fantasy, music, and gangster have been employed (Norwood 12). More so, hyper-reality is plainly evident as the film unfolds. This paper exposes the various elements of anachronism, inverted stereotyping and inter-textual references as shown in the film.

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As they enter ‘Far Far away city, it becomes more clear for the audience to see a sign on the mountain saying, ‘Far Far Away’, which is a palpable orientation to the Hollywood sign (Harshvardhan 88).

More so, the Fairy Grandmother poster is a burlesque of the famous Hollywood signs of model, revealing how the film is dominated by anachronism in various scenes. More so, the film involves knights which act as traffic police, with carriages that function as stretch limos. In this case, the availability of knights at the city gates where the street level sign is a parody of the formal ‘Beverly Hills’ as a sign welcoming the visitors reveals high degree of anachronism.

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