Proposal for Budapest as MICE Market destination

Proposal for Budapest as MICE Market destination. Budapest, commonly referred to as the ‘Paris of the eastern Europe’ is the capital city of Hungary, a central European country. It has over 2 million inhabitants. Budapest is naturally beautiful city. It is actually a combination of two cities in one, Buda on the west bank of the Danube River and Pest on the east bank.

The sophistication embedded in Budapest has much to offer for visitors. It is home to some of the magnificent architectures and also pretty to tourist attraction sites. Budapest covers a vast area of about 525 km2.  It is the largest spa city in the world with more than a hundred thermal and healing springs on its territory. The culture is a hybrid of European cultures but the exotic Hungarian culture is distinct.  The official currency is the Hungarian Forint (HUF). Proposal for Budapest as MICE Market destination.

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Proposal for Budapest as MICE Market destination. Winning visitors is one thing and retaining them is another thing. To maintain MICE visitors, it is important to ensure that they get the value for their money. Offering the best conference facilities, infrastructure development and comfortable accommodation are some of the key factors that will determine the direction of the MICE market. Proposal for Budapest as MICE Market destination.

In most cities and countries at large, MICE market will continue to contribute a significant percentage of the tourist income. Indeed MICE visitors have more value because they are good spenders. By working to improve its MICE market, Budapest is better position to attract more visitors like any other competitive city. Proposal for Budapest as MICE Market destination.

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