Issues in Third World nations

Part 1- Short Answer Format – Issues in Third World nations

  1. Discuss the various strategies offered for dealing with massive urban poverty, joblessness, and poor housing in developing countries?

The issues of urban poverty, joblessness and poor housing have been overwhelming in the developing nations. In response to these problems, various strategies have been highlighted which can help solve the situation. To begin with, economic liberalization which entails provision of property rights should be adopted. Development of infrastructure and technology should also be prioritized since it attracts investments. Issues in Third World nations.

Another key aspect of great concern is the provision of developmental aid or financial support from the government to the urban poor.

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Military dictatorship and Stratocracy are the major forms of military regimes. Issues in Third World nations.

Military regimes are formed through coup detat and their main goal is to instill order in governance, by ensuring equality and service to all. Stability is the key strength of military regimes. Despite that these governments have good goals for the nation; they end up into dictatorship, which in this case jeopardize democracy, development and human rights. LDCs should be firm in abiding to the constitution and isolating the military from political activities. Issues in Third World nations.