Death Penalty Inmates

Death penalties inmates are surrounded by special circumstances. The inmates suffer from what is normally called the death row syndrome or the death row phenomenon.  The syndrome produces physical deterioration and mental trauma among prisoners under death row. This syndrome is out of the harsh environment that death row convict s go through, the long period that they are subjected to this environment , and the anxiety awaiting ones execution. A clouded environment of deprivation, harassment, arbitrary rules and isolation are also some of the factors that characterize death row inmates. Death Penalty Inmates.

Death row inmates have to a go a period associated with unbearable stress.

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Since the harsh condition subjected to death row convicts is supposed to serve as a deterrent to other criminals with like minds, introducing ‘best practices’ is seen to be counterproductive. Death Penalty Inmates. Proponents of harsh conditions argue that death row offenders should not be given any opportunity to live a normal life since it could not make a difference. On the other hand, human rights crusaders think that incarceration should not take away the basic protected constitution rights.


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