Case Study – Amanda

Case Study – Amanda

Mark James

The Red Bull Villa

2456 Blue Corner Street, Suite 01

Down-Town, NY 1200840

Dec 6, 2011

Amanda Smith

Smith’s Accounting and Tax Service654 St. Francis Road

Sydney 2E87H 2KJM

For The Attention of Managerial Procedures in Your Firm

Dear Miss Amanda:

Greetings! After undertaking a survey on the predicaments facing your consultancy firm, it has been evident that something big must be wrong. As it has been observed, your managerial strategies need to be restructured in order to facilitate efficiency in all your undertakings. Despite that you have developed as mission and led by example, it is not enough to facilitate success and achievement of the objectives set in your firm. It has been evident that, you seem not take active role in monitoring the progress of your employees. Case Study – Amanda.

Pay to Unlock the Answer!

Lastly, it is important that take immediate actions to improve organizational outcome of your business. As it has been observed, you seem to fail in taking actions against your non-performing staff. Case Study – Amanda.By failing to take various actions to your employees when you received the complaints on performance of your firm, you could have taken immediate action as the manager to facilitate the identification of the problem that seems to face the company. By doing so, you will be able to realize success in your business since you will be able to strategically align business operations with market needs. When you observe all these recommendations, it is my belief that you will be able to realize substantial coherence in your business’ growth strategies and clients’ expectations. Case Study – Amanda.

Thank you

Mark James