“Piss Christ” – Andres Serrano

“Piss Christ” – Andres Serrano. Piss Christ is photograph that has received unprecedented acrimony from catholic fundamentalist. In 1987, an American artist and photographer Andres Serrano plunged a plastic crucifix into a glass of his urine and photographed it under the title piss Christ.  The photograph was not received well by the church. In 1997, Catholic Church campaigned against the photograph being included in the National Gallery of Victoria exhibition in Melbourne.  

Pay to Unlock the Answer!

Less inclined individuals to religion will support the photograph for displaying the monetary evil that has crept into the pulpit while the church will protest that the photograph is an affront on religious values. As par the human understanding, Jesus Christ is a holy and pure man and associating him with body waste is actually tarnishing his name. Those bring the he gap that exists between art and the other population necessitating for an education of both sides to prevent such acrimony.