Elaine Tyler May – American Families in the Cold War Era

A Summary of “Homeward Bound: American Families in the Cold War Era” Book by Elaine Tyler May

American Families. Elaine Tyler May book is an attempt to draw the link between the international politics and the family dynamics in the post war and cold war eras.  The fundament question in the book is why the postwar Americans turned to marriage and parenthood with such a great enthusiasm and commitment.  Elaine Tyler May. Elaine Tyler May. The author argues that the new family ideals that emerged during this period were not accidental but a strategic response toward the threat that the Americans were facing. What was a political containment became a domestic containment.  

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The postwar and cold war era also became an era of expert. American consulted building expert on the way to build save homes and constantly consulted the Federal Civil Defense Administration on the possible threats. Psychiatrist also became crucial professionals in sustaining marriages. Elaine Tyler May. On the other hand, couple stocked their bomb shelters with consumer goods and learnt survival tactics incase of an emergency. However, May observes that the postwar period had less impact to those who did not have access to information like those who did not have a television simply because they were not aware of what was going on. Elaine Tyler May.