Dealing With Children with Autism

Dealing With Children with Autism

Autism is a neuro-developmental disorder which is characterized by the victims becoming socially impaired through communication and interaction. Autism is common among children under the age of three years, where such children are characterized by impaired verbal communication, social interactions and repetitive stereotyped interests. Dealing With Children with Autism.

As a result, such children usually develop extreme difficulties in forming relationships with the other children the society. Being rooted in childhood, autism is a lifelong disorder that requires mitigation at early stages before the individual develops to adulthood (Myers and Porter 1167). The various mitigation measures for this social impairment can either be social or medical, which only help to surpass the adverse effects associated with autism since there is no known cure for the impairment. This paper will present various ways of dealing with a child diagnosed with autism.

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This will help to reduce autistic condition among the children diagnosed with the problem (Myers and Porter 1175). More so, melatonin is another dietary supplement for autistic children used to manage sleep complications and other developmental challenges. Reinforced with polyunsaturated fatty acids, melatonin is safe and effective for treating children diagnosed with autism. Though these dietary supplements can not completely cure autistic victims, they act as mitigation measures of reducing the adversity associated with autism. Dealing With Children with Autism.

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