Unit 9 assignment – Dakota Gasworks

Q1 – Unit 9 assignment

Unit 9 assignment. Dakota Gasworks would be required to register their securities with SEC. according to Security Act of 1934 all securities offered in United States must be registered with SEC or else qualify for an exception from registration requirement. Dakota Gasworks does not qualify for this exception. Unit 9 assignment – Dakota Gasworks. Those exempted are private offering to a limited number of persons, intrastate offering, limited size offering, and securities of federal governments, state, and municipal (Miller, and Jentz, 2007). Under this rule therefore, Dakota would be required to describe the companies’ properties and business, information about the management of the company, security to be offered for sale, and certified financial statement.

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The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, the accuracy of financial statements as presented to SEC is confirmed is certified both by the CEO and CFO. The Act requires the CEO and CFO to approve the correctness and completeness in all material respects of their financial report. The Act places a hefty fine to CEO and CFO who fall short of this responsibility (Miller, and Jentz, 2009). Coming out of the financial scandals the ACT also emphasizes the role of independent auditors. Unit 9 assignment – Dakota Gasworks.


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