Should the NFL change the over time rule

Introduction – Should the NFL change the over time rule

The overtime rule has remained controversial over the time, thus prompting the NFL to make changes. The controversy has been based on the fairness of the current overtime rule, whereby the team that wins the toss demonstrates extraordinary possession of the ball. It has been noted that since the year 1994, the team that won coin toss demonstrates over 59.8% of the time. It has also been noted that the team that won the overtime coin toss also won 34.4% of the time in the first possession.

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In summation, the new overtime rules are of great significance in establishing efficiency in the management of football. Over the last two decades, a lot of inefficiency and unfairness has been witnessed concerning overtime. The coin toss has not been warmly supported by various groups thus calling for improvement. With this in mind, the new changes on overtime rules should be adopted following their high levels of efficiency. With the new rules, overtime will not anymore rely on the flip of the coin, thus enhancing accuracy and fairness to both teams.

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