Philosophy of Problem Solving and Reasoning

What does Nietzsche have to say in response to Schopenhauer’s view that what we as human beings should do is to stay away from pain and suffering?  How does Nietzsche’s view help inspire us to work hard and strive to do our best?

Being one of the late 19th century existentialists, philosopher Nietzsche maintains that, individuals are solely responsible for giving their own life a meaning, rather than projecting the blame to other objects. Considering Schopenhauer’s views on pain that misfortune is a rule, Nietzsche seems to contradict with these claims when he considers individuals as having the autonomy to control their lives’ activities (Jamie 26)). Philosophy of Problem Solving and Reasoning.

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The world pleasures and pains all lie under man’s control through the choices made by individuals. Though Schopenhauer considers life’s essence as being predetermined by uncontrollable aspects of life, Nietzsche seems to disagree with any assertion that man can not have effective solutions to all the problems that face him. It is important to note that, Nietzsche explains how man’s desire to achieve pleasure is based on his ability to avoid pains and suffering by taking active role in his experiences (Kundera 8). On this basis, Nietzsche seems to counter ague on Schopenhauer’s views that life’s sufferings are predetermined and that they are controlled by destiny.      

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