Ethics, Confidentiality and Privacy

Introduction – Ethics, Confidentiality and Privacy

The field of nursing has been one of the hotly debated in reference to adherence to ethics. Various ethical issues entailing the practice and relations of nurses in the nursing set up has been stipulated which ensure protection and promotion of the rights of all stakeholders. The key ethical considerations in nursing include nonmaleficence, which entails the protection of patient’s safety, beneficence which refers to prevention of harm, autonomy that advocates for self-determination, justice, and privacy & confidentiality. All these ethical considerations are aimed at ensuring safeguarding of the rights, freedoms and interests of the patients and all other stakeholders in the nursing setup. Ethics, Confidentiality and Privacy.

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In summation, it has been noted that the ethical considerations concerning privacy and confidentiality should be adhered to the letter. Every nurse has the obligation to ensure optimum adherence to these standards by ensuring that he/she protects the privacy and confidentiality of every patients.

With the current developments in technology through the social Medias, nurses should be conscious to demonstrate good use of the media. This should be undertaken in a manner that is ethical and in relation to the nursing profession. Misuse of social media through posting of health information which is individually indefinable is unethical and should be condemned to the letter. With regards to these inferences, it is evident that nurses should observe the standards stipulated by their profession at all time and should not be misguided by the freedoms offered by the social media.

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