Criminal Justice Ethics

The question of ethical considerations, as has been the case with other fields, has not been left out in the field of criminal justice. Ethical issues raised in the field of criminal justice mostly concern the ethical consequences of various actions and the moral principles involved in such actions. Certain ethical standards need to be maintained within the criminal justice system especially in relation to the plight of detainees (Banks, 2004).

The United States of America established the Guantanamo Bay detention camp within Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in 2002. This facility was mainly aimed at serving as a detainment and interrogation centre initially targeting detainees from the war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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In conclusion, there are massive cases of human rights violations in Guantanamo Bay. This dents the ethical grounds behind the establishment of this facility by the Bush administration. This is because the US has not succeeded in bringing any of the detainees in this camp to justice and thus the reasons behind its establishment are clearly not aimed at granting justices to the detainees. The US should thus consider releasing those detained in this camp or repatriate them to their countries of origin and close the camp.


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