Central Thesis Of Reich’s Supercapitalism

Robert B. Reich is a well respected scholar on political economy matters. He has curved his name as an author, professor in various universities and as a political commentator. His stint as the secretary of labor during Clinton’s era is termed as a successive one. In 2007, Reich authored the controversial book, Supercapitalism. Just like any other outspoken author, Reich’s super-capitalism has attracted criticism and praises in equal measure. It is imperative to know the central thesis exposed in super-capitalism that has attracted this mixed views. Central Thesis Of Reich’s Supercapitalism.

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The growing inequality, the recession occasioned partly by these corporation and the need for restoring the American dream are some of the issues that the book will help every American in looking at. The book also raises issues of critical concern (Thompson 2007: 77). How far should the government allow free trade? How far should the government regulate companies? As the American seek to control advancement of corporation for the sake of national good, how it will be done to ensure that they are not disadvantaged to compete with other global corporations in a new liberal economy. Reich book is in a position to open these conversations.

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