Abortion – Roe v Wade

Abortion – Roe v Wade.

Whether abortion is a matter of choice or a crime is a political issue that every politician in America and many states in the world cannot ignore. Although the issue of abortion has a long history, it gained political perspectives in 1973 when the Supreme Court in (Roe v. Wade) delivered a controversial ruling which found out that most laws prohibiting first trimester abortions were illegal since they infringed on a woman’s right to privacy.

The pro-life movement is founded on firm belief that human life begins at conception and ends with a natural death. Abortion – Roe v Wade. At least, to this movement, there is no one who has a right to take away the life of another person. The pro-life holds that the fetus and even the embryo is a person who is entitled to live under all circumstances.  Pro-life believes that government has an obligation to preserve all human life, irrespective of intent, quality of life concern or accessibility (Nossiff 6). The pro-life has grown to extend even to issues like Euthanasia and assisted suicide, capital punishment and war. Their overriding aim is to protect the sanctity of human life.

Abortion – Roe v Wade

Politically, pro-life movement is often associated with, but not limited to, Republican Party. They are considered to have a conservative view of life. In many cases, follower of pro-life movement are share conservative view of religion such as the Roman Catholic. Even before the pro-life movement gained form, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops had expressed their opposition to abortion (Nossiff 7). It is therefore not a surprising that most of the initial members of pro-life movement were followers of the catholic faith.

Abortion – Roe v Wade

Pro-choice on the other hand is a counter movement of the pro-life movement. It is founded on the tenets that abortion is a matter of choice (Nossiff 31). They are determined to support legislation that allows abortion. Politically, pro-choice are aligned, but not exclusive, to the Democratic Party. Abortion – Roe v Wade. A woman, as pro-choice believes has the right to terminate her own pregnancy. The pro-choice movement encompasses many views. There are those who belief in the liberty of a woman. They hold that a woman should have autonomy over her own body. Whether to continue or terminate her pregnancy is purely a matter of her choice or what the courts has called self-determination (Lasser 16). The bottom line of the pro-choice movement is that a woman should enjoy full control of her reproductive rights, reproductive freedom and personal liberty. Abortion – Roe v Wade.

Among the pro-choice movement there are those who are concerned with health issues. Medically, there comes a time when a pregnancy puts the life of the mother at risk. In such a circumstance, health-wing of the pro-choice movement holds that the pregnancy should be terminated. More still, pro-choice movement beliefs that there are unwanted pregnancies that result from rape and incest and there is no way a woman can continue to carry an unwanted pregnancy. Abortion – Roe v Wade.

Abortion – Roe v Wade

Pro-choice movement also encompasses followers who have a controversial view on when life actually begins. Among the pro-choice are those who believe that life begins at birth and not at conception. An embryo, to them, has no right since it is only a potential human being but has not actually become a human being (Nossiff 34). Those holding this view believe that a potential being cannot hold the life of an already being at ransom. Abortion – Roe v Wade.

Pro-choice movement also draws it support from members who feel that illegalizing abortion is putting the life of the mother at risk. To them they argue that where mothers cannot access legalized and professional abortion, there is nothing that will prevent them from using underground measures that are risky unhealthy (Lasser 56). Abortion – Roe v Wade. Proponents of this view believe that by legalizing abortion the reproductive health of the mother is improved since abortion can only be carried out by qualified professionals and in well equipped facilities. Further with the advancement of technology, the pro-choice movement has received support from those who believe there is no need of giving birth to a deformed baby. Abortion – Roe v Wade.

Abortion – Roe v. Wade

Since the alignment of these two movements abortion has become a thorny issue to politicians. Those aspiring for elective offices have to declare their stand on abortion. Often, politicians find themselves at a crossroads because either side has significant votes that can make or break a career. Indeed, the issue of abortion is both a divisive and intimate issue not only in America but across the world. Abortion – Roe v Wade.

In the run up to 2008 elections, Barrack Obama appeared Dodgy about when a life begins. While MaCains was categorical that he would have been pro-life president, Obama maintained that the question of when life deserves rights depends with the perspective on which you are looking at it, either from theoretical perspective or scientific perspective (Lasser 44). In a bid to win support, presidential hopefuls have in one way or another flirted with members of the opposing side.Abortion – Roe v Wade.

Abortion – Roe v Wade

Although American society is still split along the lines of pro-choice and pro-life, most of Americans are not within the extremist stance taken by their sides. Emergency of Democrats for life in Democratic Party and The Wish List is a departure from extremist views. Abortion – Roe v Wade.  In a May 5-8, 2011 survey, Gallup found out that some of the pro-choice would oppose abortion under certain circumstances. [/paycontent] The same survey also found out that some of the pro-life would support abortion under certain circumstances. Gallup found out that 61% of Americans preferred that abortion be legal in only a few circumstances or no circumstance while 37% believed that abortion should be legal in all or most circumstances (Gallup.com). Abortion – Roe v Wade.

Just like any other American, abortion is an issue intimate to me. Although I refer to myself as a pro-life, there some circumstances I would accept abortion. In cases of rape, teenage pregnancy and in the reproductive health of the mother, I would support abortion. Abortion – Roe vWade.

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