The Drug Business

Q1 – The Drug Business

The Drug Business. United States has suffered from illegal drug business since 19th century. This is the period when Americans discovered mind altering drugs like cocaine, heroine, and morphine. In 1800, the United States government entered into a negotiated agreement with china to ban the shipment of opium. By 20th century, the drug trade had heightened but this had subsided by time of World War II. The drug trade picked in 1960s when drugs like Marijuana, amphetamines and psychedelics came on the scene ad new generation cherishing drugs.

The illegal drug business in the United States is one of the most lucrative in the world.

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On the other hand, the prohibitionists claim that America is not punishing enough (Lyman and Potter, 2010). Amid all this different view points, the underlying question is, why do people need drugs? What satisfaction do they want to derive?  It is only by changing the mind of the drug users and drug traffickers that America can win the war on drugs. There are opportune moments that rehabilitators can help drug addicts discover their bad behavior and show them the good behavior.


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