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Précis Paper. Nature is a short essay by Ralph Waldo Emerson. The essay advances transcendentalist views that there is an intricate relationship between nature and man.  In Emerson philosophy, there is a fundamental continuity that exists between man, nature, and God. What is beyond nature is revealed through nature – nature is itself a symbol, or an indication of a deeper reality. There is no conflict between spirit and matter but they both exist in a critical unity of experience. Précis Paper.

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Emerson notes that while the farmers claim individual ownership of land, “none of them own the landscape” (Emerson 11). Even with the legal entitlement, a title, there is a property in the horizon for which no man’s owns, which is the most important part of the farm. But this cannot be owned by a mere title. The beauty of nature is that if it is used for the intended purpose it has sufficient properties for everyone. Précis Paper.

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