Our Education System

Section 1 – Definition of Concepts

Turn-around schools – This concept refers to the act of revolutionizing the bottom 5% schools where no systemic or architected solutions are available by providing more inspirational quality education that matches with the changing environment. Essentially, turn-around schools converges technology and equal access to learning opportunities to all children without discrimination.

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As noted by Parr (1), there is need for turnaround in the less privileged and marginalized schools with the major focus being not only on the learning processes, but also the quality of the teacher. This is an effective strategy since through a turnaround model of education, life-changing transformations will be introduced in the public education system where learning is not only personalized, but also made more meaningful for the children to remain well prepared for the changing environment. Considering the turbulent and dynamic nature of the knowledge today, there is need for the education system to adjust to the changing environment. In this regard, Parr (1) ideas seem to be accurate and effective as a way of enhancing sustainability and scalability of the education system.                     

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