First-Generation Students

Introduction – First-Generation Students

Despite the numerous developments undertaken in enhancing efficiency in the education sector, a series of challenges is still in dominance. The development nations like the US have not been exempted in this phenomenon whereby they experience many challenges in provision of education. The issue of accessibility and affordability of education has not been fully addressed thus demonstrating the problems facing the sector. College education has in this case been of great concern, whereby high rates of inefficiencies have been reported.

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This is an added burden to the students which in turn contributes to their failure. With the need for remedial assistance, the students are required to set extra time and finances, thus adding pressure on their budgets and schedules. This is a key source of stress which contributes to failure and dropouts. This situation is unacceptable and needs swift attention (Davis 86).


Concerning the discussion and analysis of college education, it has been evident that high levels of inefficiencies and challenges are dominant. Low-income and first-hand students are in this case more affected by the crisis in undertaking their college studies. In particular, the issue of dropouts and high levels of retention from graduation has been the greatest challenge for these students. It has been noted that first-generation and low-income are overwhelmed by numerous challenges which contribute to the high levels of dropouts and retention from graduation.

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