Feminist Theologies

Feminist theologies have become among the most promising contemporary theological choices. These theologies have made clear ways of thinking that have led to exploitation of women. Women have been dominated by males in all aspects of life and there are theological aspects that explain this domination. Just like the way human beings have dominated the earth and have destroyed animals and plants, women have been dominated by males. This is explained by Lois Daly as male centeredness and human centeredness as going hand in hand.

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In this case, human beings are challenged by theological ethics to ensure that they do not lose sight of the relationships when they are specifically considering dualism of human/divine (Daly). On this basis, it should be recognized by feminist theological ethics that the three imperative relationships have to be addressed simultaneously. These relationships include between human beings and God, between human beings and non humans, and among human beings. The way human beings are described in any one of these relationships affects all of them.  

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