Latin American Art

Introduction – Latin American Art

Joaquín Torres García was a plastic artists and art theorist from Uruguay and has been widely known as the founder of constructive universalism. The name of this artist is better known among the art educators, collectors, and curators than the wider American public. Joaquín Torres García presents the viewers with a wide range of abstracts symbols and forms. A quick gaze at the paintings shows a series of pictographs that include; a shell, ladder, fish, stick figures and recognizable objects that are organized in a structural grid and are painted in grey. Latin American Art.

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This can be seen from the pictures or images he used in the arts. The element of touch was not used solely for identifying or understanding what is indicated in the arts but people touched just for fun. Latin American Art.

It is therefore very difficult to include the human sense of touch in the Joaguín Torres-García’s arts as he intended them to understand in pictograms. Notably, the sense of touch like the case of haptic is mostly used in computer simulation in order to control the virtual objects but in the Joaguín Torres-García’s arts there were no virtual objects but the paintings revealed real things. They mostly represented the cultures of people at national level and others at the international level hence understanding them through visualization were the best way. Latin American Art.