Female Offenders

Female Offenders. Over the recent decades, the media has largely focused the issue of sex offenders in the society. As it has been observed, male sexual harassment cases have been at the forefront, with less regard on female sex offenders. Some studies have gone as far as identifying ‘beauty bias’ as one of the core factors that has contributed towards significant ‘ignorance’ of female sex offenders over the recent years (Anderson and Swainson, 2001).

It is suggested that, there is negative correlation between the observed attractiveness of females who engage in sexual abuses and the supposed psychological harm that the male ‘offended’ victim as a result of the harassment.

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For instance, a rape case involving a male offender is easily identified and verifiable in courts since the female victims usually show physical signs of being molested. In a case involving female offenders, there is absolutely no accurate evidence to show the cause of the allegations presented in a court of low (Smith and Pine, 1999). As a result, it has been less often that sexual abuse cases involving females as offenders are reported as it is to cases involving men. On this basis, it can be considered that the society seems to have double standards of sexual abuse cases involving females as offenders.


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