Colonial Expansion

Colonial Expansion. The Spanish-American War was fought for only four months where the United States conflicted with the Spanish colony, Cuba. The war was provoked by word of Spanish colonial violence in Cuba. Despite the fact that the war was majorly brought about by the America Expansion efforts, the idea of freeing an oppressed people controlled and ruled by Spanish in Cuba was supported by many Americans (Alger 34). In the real sense, the main reason for the outbreak of the war was because America had put a lot of efforts in expansion. America emerged victorious at the end of the war and was acknowledged as the newly world power. Colonial Expansion.

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It was the wish of many Americans that the country could rule the whole of Pacific area in order to get access to water transport.

In this case, the element of need for expansion was greatly encouraging the Americans to feel that the people of Cuba had been for a long period of time ruled violently by the Spanish (Golay & Bowman 32). The treaty of Paris of the year 1898 negotiated on terms deemed favorable for the United States and America was allowed to temporarily control Cuba. This shows that the prominence of the Spanish-American War led to America being considered as the world power and being given temporal control of Cuba (Alger 34). Colonial Expansion.

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