Three Reading Lesson Plans

Three Reading Lesson Plans

  1. An Intervention Activity Lesson Plan

This lesson plan is described for students with intellectual disabilities.

The lesson plan will take about 45 min per lesson and there will be about five lessons. The first thing will be introducing the topic to the students by the use of books to read and write. In this case the students should be encouraged to read the indicated books and write assignments (Belenky 15). Basically, the students should be allowed to give a summary of whatever they have learned in the class. Three Reading Lesson Plans.

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The last activity is asking students to respond to a particular literature. Three Reading Lesson Plans.

Materials required

Writing materials like papers and books, teaching materials like blackboard and chalk, and learning materials like relevant books. In this case, students may be required to research popular figures from history through the use of primary sources by indicating how these readings can be used in enriching their study of the past (Belenky 15). Three Reading Lesson Plans.


  1. To help students gather more knowledge to add to what they already know
  2. To establish a good relationship between the students and teachers in order to help them learn better and in conducive environment

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