Theodore is a great book written by Sofia Fasos. It is the story of a Greek boy, Theodore, who goes through a journey obstructed by culture, family and the complex realities of sexuality. The author manages to piece together specific thoughts in a way that is unimaginable to most people and translate them into an emotional story. The book depicts how the culture and the landscape of the Greek people have changed over the time and gives their historical outlook. it combines the knowledge of psychological stages of development to give the reader a glimpse of the life of a young Greek boy.

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Unlike other books which kick with lots of energy only to die out in the middle, Theodore is captivating to the end. The reader will definitely love the beauty and the culture of the Greece as elaborated in the novel. The novel is set in such a way that it is able to speak to the readers in all levels. By the time the reader puts the novel down, he or she will defiantly be looking for another stunning novel of Theodore stature.

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