Social Networks And The Web 2.0

Social networks and the Web 2.0

The world has adapted to the era of nitizens. It is not surprising that even early teens will be busy doing what could be thought to be a preserve for adults – social networking. There have been several social networking sites such as the Hi5, Orkut, and Myspace, but the common one are Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The development of social networking is still at infancy where all the social networking sites are competing to attract as many users as possible. Twitter and Facebook have set the pace as the emerging potential contenders, but Google plus is also a potential challenger. Social Networks And The Web 2.0.

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Development of new and sophisticated technology has thrown technology which was once seemed perfect to dustbins. Consider the use of landlines and postal offices. With this in mind, we can conclude that Facebook and twitter will survive so long as technology allows. Nonetheless, it is apparent that technology will only get even better. If anyone, starting from the age of 12 or even younger has not jumped to social networking bandwagon, the chances are that they will in the foreseeable future -the trend and the environment are too strong to withstand. Social Networks And The Web 2.0.

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