Different Freedoms in the past 150 years of US history: Free Speech

Different Freedoms in the past 150 years of US history: Free Speech

The history of free speech in United States is long and full of events. In facts it can be traced back in the years of struggle for independence. In the years of British occupation, the colony exerted restrictive measures common among them being the seditious libel contained in the English criminal common law that contained dissident voices against the government. After the American revolutionary war in the 1780s, the founders of the American constitution entrenched the bill of rights and launched the First Amendment in 1791. Since then, free speech has remained one of the most debated issues. Different Freedoms .

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There are those who think that freedom of expression has gone further to invade individual privacy while other thinks it is their right to air their thoughts. Although the courts have expanded the freedom of expression, it has also maintained that free speech is not absolute. There is no doubt that the free speech will remain an emotive issue for an unforeseeable future.

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